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HI Series

Keep it simple and elegant.
The front panel made in brushed stainless steel gives your water ionizer a cool and stylish look.聽 Also, the wide display and touch sensor buttons eliminate the need for a huge and ugly knob and worry about buttons wearing out.

Easy and convenient filter change.
The filter door swings open to the front that you don鈥檛 have to move your water ionizer around when replacing filters.聽 In addition, filter head wheels allow you to pull the filters outwards for easy rotation.

Outlet in the center
Water faucet is located at the center of the ionizer, so that you can install your water ionizer on either side of your sink.

Don鈥檛 leave the door open.
The open/close sensor detects if the door is ajar.聽 If you try to operate your ionizer with the door open, the water flow is immediately suspended, and 鈥淒OOR鈥 sign on the screen flashes for your safety.

HI touch screen
Voice guided service
For your safety and ease of use of HI, warning voice explains various functions. 

Diverse language options.
HI speaks in 6 different languages: English, German, Spanish, Italian, French and Korean.聽 You can listen to the prompts in the language of your preference.


Superb auto cleaning system.
Cleaning cycle (We call it Real Time Refreshment鈥擱TR), is triggered automatically to remove scale build up on the electrodes.