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power supply
SMPS, switched-mode power supply, is the power supply of all IonFarms鈥 ionizers.聽 The SMPS receives signals sent from the touch screen or touch buttons and distributes power to various components accordingly.Linear vs. SMPS
There are two types of power supply used in ionizers: Linear and SMPS.

Linear SMPS
Size Large and heavy About 80% smaller and lighter
pH level adjustment Not adjustable Highly adjustable
Efficiency 40-60% 70-85%
Heat Known to overheat Run cooler than linear
Input voltage range Up to 10% Up to 300%


SMPS Plus庐 [Registered Patent No. 10-0714055]
IonFarms鈥 patented SMPS Plus庐 in every IonFarms鈥 ionizer.

  • Can cope with varying input voltages.
  • Stabilizes and sends out uniform voltage.
  • 55 adjustable presets available.
  • Automatically shuts down in case of over-current or over-voltage to prevent fire.