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water cell
we are the pioneer and the leader in the water ionizer industry.

  • The first 7-plate ionizer
  • The first 9-plate ionizer
  • The first 11-plate ionizer

Solid vs. Mesh vs. Solid/Mesh Hybrid
The water cell is the HEART of all water ionizers.聽 There are three types of plates that compose water cells: Solid, Mesh and Solid/Mesh Hybrid.聽 Let’s look at the 3 types of plates in terms of durability, performance and purity.

The water cell is the most expensive part in the water ionizer, and you want your water cell to be robust and strong, so it lasts long.

Solid Mesh Solid/Mesh Hybrid
Strong and long-lasting Fragile Strong and long-lasting

Electricity is always drawn to the edges.聽 Therefore, electrolysis takes place on the parameter of the plate.聽 You want your plates to have a large surface area so that water can be electrolyzed effectively and thoroughly so that you don’t have to put chemical enhancer in your water.

Solid Mesh Solid/Mesh Hybrid
Strong and long-lasting Fragile Strong and long-lasting

Legitimate ionizer makers use platinum coated titanium plates only.聽 Drinking alkaline water produced by plates other than platinum coated titanium plates is NOT safe and hazardous to your health.聽 It is an extremely dangerous idea to compromise your health with cheap water ionizers with cheap plates.聽 All IonFarms’ water ionizers have water cells made with 99.98% pure medical grade platinum coated titanium plates.